The South West Public Health Specialty Training Programme is organised by Severn Postgraduate Medical Education.

Training is open to applicants from a range of disciplines (and inline with Faculty of Public Health eligibility criteria), and combines academic training, service experience, and skills-based training in public health.

The training programme takes five years, with the first academic year spent studying a Masters in Public Health (MSc or MPH). The remainder of the training is spent in at least two different training locations. During this time, trainees will also prepare for their Faculty of Public Health membership examinations.

The Public Health Speciality Training Programme Policy outlines the structure of possible training programmes offered to trainees in the South West. It includes:

  • arrangements for academic and educational supervision;
  • provision of trainer development;
  • information about training locations;
  • induction programmes for new trainees;
  • opportunities for external attachments; and
  • arrangements for rotation between training locations, study leave, and performance assessment processes.

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Please see below the links to the Open Evening events we are holding in October 2016 ahead of National Recruitment 2017.  There will be 2 taking place, one in Severn (Bristol) and one in the Peninsula (Exeter).