The focus of this year’s conference is on scaling up CVD prevention to improve service impact and health care outcomes.

The conference aims to provide an inspiring case to improve the impact from CVD prevention interventions across England, by:
• hearing from leaders in the public health and NHS system as well as motivational speakers
• sharing new research and evidence on impact, making a compelling case for CVD prevention and its broader impact on non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention
• disseminating evidenced and innovative practice, with support on how to replicate
• focusing on reducing health inequality
• sharing lived experience from people at risk of or living with CVD
• providing training for public health and NHS professionals with practical “how to” tips and techniques
• providing opportunities to network within and between stakeholder groups
• facilitating problem solving on ‘wicked’ issues, such as funding and resourcing
• connecting commissioners and providers with private and public sector organisations

The case for focusing on impact and outcomes
CVD remains one of the leading causes of premature mortality and morbidity in the UK. Vascular disease also contributes substantially to the burden of ill health from chronic kidney disease, stroke and dementia. Not only that, but the risk factors for CVD are shared across many other NCDs. The conference will focus on CVD prevention at scale, including optimising clinical follow up for people at high risk of CVD, and maximising the impact of the NHS Health Check programme to prevent NCDs, to showcase how we can work together.

Booking information

Registration for the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Conference 2019: Saving Hearts and Minds Together will open from late November 2018.