CPD (continuing professional development) can help you to reflect, review and document your learning so that you can develop, update and broaden your knowledge and skills.

The CPD process encourages and enables you to:

  • maintain an overview of your professional development to date
  • remember your achievements and how far you’ve progressed
  • direct your career and help you set goals
  • uncover potential gaps in your skills and capabilities
  • highlight further development needs
  • provide examples and scenarios for a CV or interview
  • evidence your professional experience for employer organisations
  • demonstrate competency for professional membership and/or registration

Developing a broader public health practice

Public health is a made up of a multi-disciplinary workforce, with a broad knowledge and skills mix, increasingly working across multi-organisation teams.

While it is important that individuals continue to maintain and develop their areas of specialism, there is also a need to build on core generic public health skills that are transferrable across all areas of work.

As a general rule, formal CPD is about training, and learning how to do something specific relating to skill and competence. Examples of this might include training on a new vaccine, or using a data analysis programme.

Informal CPD focuses more on development, and has a wider application that encourages a broader perspective and transferrable skills. It gives you the tools to do a range of things relating to capability and competency, and often involves progression from a basic level of knowledge to a more advanced understanding of an issue. Examples of this might include leadership or managing organisational change.