About the Network

The South West Public Health Network has been set up to encourage and enable shared learning opportunities for anyone working in public health across the South West of England.

The South West Public Health Network’s membership is broad. We welcome colleagues who have full-time engagement with public health delivery, as well as those who have only a small public health component to their day-to-day role. The Network focuses on the importance of learning together, while recognising and valuing differences in specialism and approach.

The Network places particular importance on public health continuing professional development (CPD) for all of its members, and sees this as an investment in public health delivery throughout the South West.

The Network will empower individual members to learn, reflect and share knowledge. This will help build the capacity, capability and resilience of the public health workforce across the South West, ensuring that it becomes the best it can be.

What is CPD?

Find out what we mean by CPD and where to go for more information.

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Benefits of CPD

Find out why CPD matters to you and to the rest of the public health workforce.

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Stakeholders & partners

Find out which employers support the South West Public Health Network.

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