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If you work in public health in the South West of England - whether it's the main focus of your job or a relatively small component of your work - we see you as a member of this Network.

The South West Public Health Network brings together the former AGW & Peninsula networks into one, easy to access resource. There are a range of new and improved features, such as our monthly guest blog, and new sections with information about the South West Making Every Contact Programme (MECC), and the Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (PHSKF).

And we want our members to help shape this new website and generate content so that it's as useful as it can possibly be. Don't be shy! Tell us what you'd like to see happening here, how we can improve what we've already got, and maybe even how you'd like to contribute.

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Defeating an Elephant

  • Date: 28 Nov 2017
  • Author: Tim Wood

"The evidence tells us that we should be asking about ACEs, which in turn gives the professional and the individual concerned a common understanding of root causes, and a common approach to being able to tackle them." Insp Tim Wood on how the evidence of ACEs can help professionals and the individuals concerned to tackle the problem.

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